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People with hearing loss have the right to receive valid information

I will never forget the day when I took everything in my hands and decided to take something to do with hearing aids. It all started in March 2015 when due to lack of information, I decided to randomly write mails to all companies selling hearing aids in Croatia. I was determined to finally find what I deserve and that is the hearing aids that will work and do not cause daily headaches. What I was looking for, I was lucky enough to get it. It was just a response to my mail from their side, and that was what happened. SLUH Varaždin replied. Soon we agreed to come to the assessment to see my status and current functioning with the hearing aids. I can only say that I never received so much detailed and useful information ever since then and this happened for the first time with my 23 years of age. It's a terrible fact! Whenever I remember these times, I'm always in the minds of people who are currently looking for a happy solution, children, young people, old people, all of them passing the same misfortune as I myself and I did then. I would like everyone to have affordable, but valid information! The importance of information is so important that it was shown on the day I came to the assessment. Assessing, exchanging experience, and gaining information in the SLUH had such mixed emotions, relief, sadness, joy, and indignation, all accumulated for 23 years in my life. The tears could not be avoided, neither to me, or to my mother who was really shocked

shocked because she believed she had do everything   as a parent to the child, and she had never actually asked what this really meant. She believed my daily headaches were something that must be so, since technology is not better. That belief passed to me as I accepted this way of functioning and struggled through life by removing the hearing aids when it was unbearable. All my primary, secondary, and tertiary education were marked by daily headaches that were causally and consequently affected my socialization. I am grateful that I have studied Education and Rehabilitation at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation, so I got acquainted with college and matriculation that I do not have to be a victim of circumstances, but take things in my hands, take personal responsibility. From that day when  SLUH Varaždin set my hearing aids and audiograms  headaches was ended , I remember how I counted days without headaches at first. "One day without a headache, two days without headaches, three days ...". I just could not believe what they did for me. I just waited for the day when I would have to take them off , but that lucky day did not come. Even so, now I forget to have them on my ears and they are  no longer the main concern of the day. Now I can freely dedicate myself to personal and professional tasks because I do not have to worry about whether to hear or not, whether I will have headaches or not, I can go anywhere without previous preparation. Apart from the basic thing that was the removal of headaches, like a whip on cake, SLUH allowed me to simply function in all spectrum of action. I started talking normally on my cell phone, I did not mind the wind or the ride in the car, I began to see the details of nature, the wind noise, the noise of the wheels, the bubble noise in the water, the sound of droplets on the glass, but I can say I started living another life. Now I can talk to a person and when I'm not in the same room, I just feel like I'm working like any other person. I wonder what it would be  today If I  did not study, and I did not come to a certain conclusion, whether I would find out for SLUH, whether I would then receive valid information on hearing aids, or all else would be attributed to the old belief: be like it is, better cant be  "and suffered headaches. What if I did not know how and where to look for information. Hearing impaired people have the right to receive valid information and not quasi-information. I got all valid information at SLUH Varaždin. Maybe this article is poetically  but SLUH Varaždin deserves to be poetically written about them because their entire work is poetic! They are fully directed to the client, provide valid information, test the hearing themselves, counsel the selection of hearing aids, monitor the client throughout the process of adjusting audiograms and hearing aids, both in the office and in the field, which is extremely important because the frequently placed appliances in an isolated room where no noise is working properly when they go out into the street, then initiate calls to the mobile phone to check if they do the aids in that way. Along with hearing rehabilitation and re-learning new sounds, you literally check with each detail to eliminate all the possible difficulties before they say they are done. You feel that the story does not stand by selling and go out of the room, it is actually starting. And as a sugar in the end, SLUH makes hearing aids service, continually changing tubes and selling batteries, so they have everything in one and I no longer had to send mail anywhere! For the end, there is only one wish, and that is the purchase of wireless equipment in the SLUH which will enable me to function even more efficiently at conferences and symposiums, which left me alone as a reminder that I am a person with hearing impairment. Since the conditions in large rooms with many people are not enough for normal functioning only with hearing aids, but that's another story.

Karolina Blagović

Exclusive Representative for INTERTON products

INTERTON is a renowned and recognized global manufacturer of hearing aids and equipment with a 50 year old development and production tradition

Interton was established in Germany in 1962. In the tradition of over 50 years of continuous development and production of hearing aids with extensive product sales in more than 70 countries. INTERTON is today a member of the GN Group, one of the world's leading hearing aids manufacturers and associated equipment whose proven technology is used to produce high quality hearing aids.

The core philosophy of the company is to help hearing impaired people by providing the best affordable price products. In Interton, they believe that most people want a hearing aid that improves understanding in speech situations that are discreetly placed in the ear or behind the ear that is easy to use and ready to pay a fair price. That's exactly what INTERTON offers.

It's never too early to think about hearing protection

Recent studies show a direct link between hearing loss and diabetes, dementia, vascular disease and depression at the age of 50+

According to the results from a well-known study, children's diseases such as throat infections and ear infections in later life can cause hearing loss. In a Newcastle study conducted on 1142 families ie on their children born in 1947, to date, their health, growth and development were measured. Fourth of the participants who are now in their 60's have been hearing examine  and it was noticed that those who had frequent inflammation of the throat and ear as children now suffer from damage or hearing loss. Dr. Mark Pearce, who led a study at the Newcastle University Health and Society Institute, said: "Our results show that those in childhood who are suffering from infections will most likely have hearing loss at an older age." Reducing infections and otitis in infants in childhood can contribute to the preservation of hearing in older age. Hearing loss can have a great impact on a person's life, can isolate them from family and friends, and is associated with other health problems such as depression and dementia.

When hearing loss affects everyday life

A person who is diagnosed with hearing loss rarely knows the location of the damage in his hearing system but will in most cases feel that hearing is no longer functioning as before

Everyday situations can become very difficult: what is said is misunderstood much more often than before, other people's speech becomes unclear and it is very difficult to understand what family members say, a doorbell or phone bell is often not heard and the sounds of nature are almost gone . In many different ways, voice communication is an important part of our everyday life. People with hearing loss will begin to notice that it is becoming increasingly difficult to listen to conversation in the presence of a large number of people or in noisy environments, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate a source of sound. Furthermore, people with hearing loss may be surprised by the fact that they no longer notice the traffic warning sounds or the sound signals of electrical household appliances. Finally, a hearing impaired person often notes that numerous everyday sounds have gradually disappeared. If you have recognized yourself in any of these cases, be sure to visit a specialist who can help you in a variety of ways. Along with expert counseling and hearing aids in high technology, the problems of people who have unfortunately encountered hearing loss but also those who want to protect themselves from possible illness for the future will be completely eliminated. Do not underestimate the importance of hearing and respond immediately if you have noticed anything in the situation. Take care of your hearing and be sure to take some time to review your hearing.