about hearing aids

Hearing aids are devices that hearing impaired persons help to compensate their hearing loss and allow them to hear the better and whit more quality. Hearing loss is not the same throughout the frequency range, typically people have more damage in higher frequency ranges, individual and characteristic for each person. Hearing aids, therefore ,chooses, adjusts, and adjusts to each person according to the data obtained by examination and hearing and individual ergonomic requirements. The hearing instrument works in such a way that the built-in sound of the environment received by the built-in microphone amplifies, filters and processes and outputs the processed sound to the speaker. Hearing aids usually also include controls for sound level control or solutions that the user can select the program depending on the environment in which it is located. Hearing aids consist of microphones, electronics that digitize and process input signals using specialized software (eg microphone detection and reduction, speech and noise processing for the purpose of reducing unwanted effects and background noise), sound volume control, loudspeakers, casings and power supplies (batteries).

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hearing aids are most commonly divided into four groups depending on the size and manner of wearing

• behind the ear (BTE)
• in the ear (ITE)
• in the auditory channel (ITC)
• Completely in the auditory channel (CIC)

Each set of devices is characterized by certain advantages and disadvantages.

our expert team will be happy to provide you with high quality information and advice on all the possibilities, benefits and disadvantages of choosing quality hearing aids

Hearing aids for its work consumes electric energy from the battery. We have provided you the best quality RAYOVAC PROLINE Advanced batteries at very reasonable prices.

wireless program that allows you to better understand in situations such as...

  • • watching TV
  • • conferences, lectures
  • • time spent with your business partners in large groups as well as large family gatherings

direct audio transfer to iOS

With Interton hearing aids, you can connect directly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device. It allows you to make direct phone calls, audio books and music directly to hearing aids.